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A company that defines itself through tradition, know-how and responsibility.


When Karl Emil Ruf founded his machine factory in the 1920s and devised apparatus for the Pforzheim jewelry industry, the path to becoming a chain manufacturer was not yet mapped out. It was not until his long-time friend Gotthilf Armbrust, then head of the Armbrust Chain Company in Providence/USA, suggested starting a production in Germany on self-built chain machines. With this the idea of founding Armbrust-Ruf Kettenfabrik was born.

Quickly Armbrust-Ruf became one of the first addresses for jewelry chains.


The high technical competence in mechanical engineering, high quality awareness and efficient working methods ensure a considerable advantage on the market. Optimized processes mean short delivery times with high flexibility for our customers.

Today, we produce not only yard ware and manufacture necklaces and bracelets but also individual designs in all desired gold alloys as well as in silver and brass.


As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibility.

Our products are made from recycled precious metal. We purchase sheet metal and wire exclusively from local, certified refineries.
The swiveling and cooling water required for our in-house electroplating and soldering shop is reused several times, collected again and again, filtered and fed back to the production departments as needed.

Energy for our production is supplied by the in-house solar plant. With a degree of self-sufficiency of over 90%, we cover almost all our energy requirements from solar energy.

This is how we understand the sensible use of the precious commodities of water and energy.

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In our B2B online shop you will find as a reseller a wide range of ear jewelry, pendants, necklaces and bracelets, piercings, bracelets, ID bands and many more.

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